Dear Cobblestone Family,                                                                                                       June 7, 2021

As was announced in worship this past Sunday, Cobblestone welcomes Pastor Rick Huff as our new Lead Pastor.  Rick and I will be working together throughout June, and you will have opportunities to learn more about him, his family, and his passion for ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Rick brings a wealth of experience and skills that are just what we need at this particular point in our life together as a church. 

My last Sunday as your pastor will be Sunday, June 27 when we will celebrate the Jesus Meal together.  Thank you for the many prayers and support over these past 21 years.  Through your faithfulness and God’s goodness, we established a little corner of His kingdom on 1100 West State Route 122.  An abandoned nursery has been transformed into a garden for God’s delight.  I am also grateful for the 14 years of pastoring that preceded the founding of Cobblestone.  I love His church in all its varied forms.

I leave Cobblestone Church in good hands and am incredibly excited about its future!  Through the work of all the Cobblestone Directors, God has assembled a dynamic staff and leaders who by the grace and power of His Spirit will do much to extend the Kingdom of Heaven here in southwest Ohio and beyond. 

So what’s next for me?  I will embark on a three month silent prayer retreat in order to seek God without distraction.  Free to pray unceasingly, I believe God will do more through these prayers than through my teaching and preaching.  In the daily rhythm of scripture, prayer, silence and stillness, I feel close to you all, even though I will be farther away.  It’s like with a cell phone, sometimes you have to move to another location in order to get a good signal.  God sends the signal and I want to get in the right place in order to receive it.  My task is to pray for the salvation and healing of our troubled world.  You and yours are welcome to send prayer requests to   

After the three month retreat is over, I would like to be a part of Cobblestone if this is God’s will. I can envision greeting folks at the door with Wendell or helping with the kids at children’s church.   And the life of prayer will continue till I draw my final breath.

Before I close, I want to express my deep gratitude to God for Suz.  She has encouraged me to be who I am, even when I couldn’t see it, and even when it impinged upon her own life.  She is a blessing, a wonderful life partner, and true soul mate in Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Br. Brian

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