We are currently meeting outdoors on Sunday at 10:30am. If thunder & lightening are happening, we will send out a text and post on facebook if we need to cancel.

Dear Cobblestone Family,

Thank you for being faithful during these unusual times. So many have prayed, reached out to others, and been financially faithful to Cobblestone.

We continue to meet outdoors on Sundays at 10:30am. Please note you will still be able to hear the message on our website and Youtube along with other worship and various videos on Youtube.   The building will only be open for restroom visits and nursery.  PLEASE do not congregate in the church building. Our children’s program (up to 5th grade) will be outdoors with lessons and activities.

You will need to bring your own chair or blanket and we ask that you observe the social distancing guideline of 6ft apart.   You can also sit in your car if that is more convenient or if it rains. Please remember:

• If you have any known symptoms such as coughing, fever, chills, etc., please do not attend church until you have fully recovered or acquired medical assistance.

• Wash your hands thoroughly before, and after church and do not touch your face.

• Avoid physical contact with other church members. For example, instead of shaking hands, wave or share a friendly smile. We know this will be hard for us Cobblestoners but for now please adhere to the no hugging or shaking hands rule.

• Evaluate your own condition and health. Our understanding is that the elderly and those with chronic pulmonary conditions and compromised immune status are at the greatest risk from the virus. Therefore, we encourage you to decide whether getting out in public is right for you at this time.

Cobblestone Directors

Below are our online options:

1.  Sunday’s message/prayer will be via podcast and YouTube Cobblestone Channel Sunday mornings.

2.  Various videos of encouragement will be posted throughout the week on our Cobblestone Channel.

3. Children’s G-Force and Seedlings classes will be posted via Youtube Cobblestone Channel on Sunday mornings. Printout for the lessons can be found HERE.

Finally, Bro Brian reminds us that what feels like a bad time is actually a good time.  It’s a good time for prayer, to gain some knowledge about yourself and your attachments to routine.  It’s a great time to pull back and pay attention to the world around you.  Play a board game with friends and family, go for a walk, listen to the birds, read the Word and some other spiritual book.  Check in on your neighbors, especially the most vulnerable.  Don’t hoard; rather, share.  Be light and calmness.  Radiate peace and thousands will benefit. 

And find opportunities to laugh!

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