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1. Welcome and introduce newcomers to the café
2. Open with a prayer for God’s guidance and presence
3. Ask everyone if they heard Sunday’s message.

October 25, 2020     

FACE LIFT:  The God Who Takes Risks

Br Brian

Week 1: We are created to put on the face of God….Ephesians 4:24
Week 2: God’s face always searches for the lost….Matthew 12:12-14
Week 3: You (and everyone else) are God’s hidden treasure….Matthew 13:44-46
Today: God is a risk taker….Matthew 25:14-30

Definition: Risk taking means taking a course of action that might have unpleasant or undesirable consequences

Here’s a basic truth: the difficult choice is always the one that offers the most growth.
We will not grow spiritually, mentally or physically without taking some risks, making some choices that could go south. The wheels can and will go off the wagon from time to time for those who set out on adventures.

Jesus saw the heavenly Father as one who takes risks. Let’s look at the following story Jesus tells in Matthew 25:14-30.

Truth #1: There are no guarantees the choices you make will go well. This is the risk. And the Father in the parable is expecting us to enter into the risk. He wants us to grow what he has given to us. He wants us to enter into the risk knowing well we could lose it all.

Will your grave marker read: “Here lies someone who always played it safe.”

Truth # 2: The Father rewards those who step out of their comfort zone to do his will. It’s how our life grows bigger.

Truth #3: We don’t take risks just for ourselves. Risks taken in response to the Spirit is never just about you.

Truth #4: The ultimate risk is the risk of loving.

IT IS WORTH IT? Remember, God is with us. And Jesus reminds us that in the heart-crash of a risk that hurts, well, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

What might be the risk the Spirit has placed upon your soul?

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Close your Spirit Cafe with prayer requests, praises, and encouragement to continue to move forward in our spiritual journey.

Current running Spirit Cafés:

From Sept. thru May, 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 6:30p. Meet at Greg Truesdell’s in Lebanon. For more info. on the Men’s Ministry Spirit Café, contact Brent Jividen.

Believers meet on various times of the month 6:00p-8:00p. For more info. on this Spirit Café, contact Dannie Glidden.

WayneLeb meets various times of the month in Lebanon, originally started in Waynesville. 6:30p-8:30p. For more info. on this Spirit Café, contact Russ Jacox.

Christian Marriage Group is looking to start meeting again, contact Kelly & Brett Stouffer for more info.

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