December 28, 2020

Dear Friends,                                                                                    

A month ago Dave Churchill preached “Change: It’s Good for the Soul.”  We are in a season of change, and here are some of the changes happening at Cobblestone:

1.   Kirsten and Russ Jacox recently informed us that they are stepping away from their service here at Cobblestone.  They feel it is time to move on and prepare them selves for the next chapter of life.  Russ and Kirsten have been a huge part of our lives these past 20 years and we will miss them terribly. They have left their fingerprints all over Cobblestone, and now it’s time for them to put their imprint on whatever endeavor the Lord has in store.   Please take time to express your love and appreciation for Russ and Kirsten as they open themselves to God’s guiding Spirit.

2.  Kirsten recommended and the Directors have approved Jami Beckett as our interim Children’s Director beginning January 1.  She brings to the table years of administrative and team building experience along with a love for children and many creative talents.  Please offer her your support and prayers. 

3.  Finally, prompted by a health condition I’ve lived with since the summer of 2017, I have decided that it is time for the church to get proactive in finding a new Lead Pastor who can guide us into our future together.  I have no plans to leave Cobblestone, but my heart’s desire is to live a life marked by solitude and silence, seeking God and praying unceasingly.  I have seriously prayed about whether God is calling me back to the monastery, but feel lead to stay put for now and pray here in the midst of my family and church community.  But the fact remains that I have not been able to adequately do the work of a Lead Pastor for well over three years now.  I will continue to preach and counsel until we find our new Lead Pastor.  Depending on the candidate the Director’s choose, I may move into another role here at Cobblestone Church.  We will see what the Lord has in store for us. 

The Cobblestone Directors are getting organized to conduct a thorough Lead Pastor search.   Please pray for them as this is a huge job!  They will be asking for input and will give you monthly updates.  Enclosed is a card with their names and contact information if you have questions or input you’d like to share.

My friends, God breathed this church into existence and will continue to uphold us as we seek to love Him with all our hearts, soul, mind and strength.  Thank you for your prayers and your continued financial support of God’s work here at Cobblestone Church. 

In Christ’s love and for His kingdom,

Brother Brian

Our Mission:  To transform one life at a time in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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