“As you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.” – Jesus
At Cobblestone we hold the belief that all of us, from time to time, fall into the category of being “the least.” Admit it….everyone has times when they feel puny, small, unlovable and rejected. We all need help.
And we all need to help.
If you are looking for a way to reach out to those in need, here’s where Cobblestone is active:


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Loving Locally: We are involved in several local outreach ministries throughout southwest Ohio.  Our main concentration is to Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County (IHN).  Nick Vrettos is our Missions team leader and can be contacted at Interfaith Hospitality Network Once a quarter Cobblestone Church turns our facility into “cobblestone hotel” and we house …

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Loving Nationally:      Our main National Mission outreach is in Salyersville, KY.  In conjunction with CSI Ministries cobblestone sends mission teams to Salyersville a couple times a year.  Our teams work on various outreach programs from VBS to Adult Bible Study along with service projects to aide the community.  Nick Vrettos is our missions team …

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Loving Internationally: Our main international mission outreach is in Jamaica through RAISE International. RAISE stands for Restoring Agriculture and Investing in Sustainable Enterprises. We travel there a couple times a year working with local communities on various projects for food security, adequate housing, meaningful employment and local care for the poor.  Nick Vrettos is our …

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